GPS Trackers, Bluetooth Beacons

Belltronics helps companies improve productivity, reduce costs and minimize risks thanks to a wide range of highly advanced asset tracking devices and data collecting sensors, designed and manufactured by two of the world’s leaders in their respective fields – Digital Matter and Ela Innovation.

With over 23 years of ‘lessons learned,’ Digital Matter designs and manufactures the longest-life battery-powered asset tracking hardware in the world for businesses that demand more from their devices.

Ela Innovation designs and manufactures 100% autonomous Bluetooth beacons and sensors. For over 20 years, it has been developing ultra-robust connected devices for industry.

GPS Trackers


Next-generation of our best-selling Oyster series – Ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS asset tracking device featuring 10+ years battery life

Bluetooth Beacons & Sensors Beacons


The PUCK DOT, is an Active RFID badge ideal for high precision location and equipment anti-theft. Its adjustable activation radius from 1 to 15 meters allows the detection of equipment and vehicles with 100% reliability. Its sturdy and waterproof case allows both indoor and outdoor installation and its battery operation ensures up to 14 years of autonomy.

Blue Puck Temperature

Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the BLUE PUCK T EN12830 temperature sensor is waterproof and robust. 100% autonomous, this Bluetooth temperature sensor adapts to industrial environments to respond to cold chain traceability issues. The BLUE PUCK T EN12830 is one of the very first temperature sensors on the market to receive the latest EN12830 certification issued in August 2018.