Industrial Embedded Hardware

Since Belltronics customers operate in rugged environments, we have sourced the finest industrial Single Board Computers and innovations for embedded designs, by Gateworks. Made in the USA and designed to make IoT possible in rough situations, these products are the computing platform of choice for companies who value reliability, long-life availability, and superior technical support. Gateworks is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Venice SBC Family

The Venice SBC Family is designed for IoT applications in rugged and industrial environments.
Each SBC is made in the USA and features a 64-bit ARM CPU, Mini-PCIe slots, multiple Ethernet and an industrial temperature rating.

All Venice SBCs feature:

Ventana SBC Family

The Ventana family of industrial SBCs are designed for multimedia & networking applications.
The family features 1080p60 HDMI Video Input & Output along with analog video and audio.

All Industrial Ventana SBCs Feature:

ARM Server Blades

GW3089 GBlade Server

a rugged ARM blade server targeted for VPS and dedicated hosting servers

Wireless Options

Iridium Satellite Modem

* Short Burst Data Satellite Radio
* Iridium 9603N SBD Satellite Transceiver
* Worldwide Coverage

802.11ah HaLow Wi-Fi

* 802.11ah HaLow Long-Range Wireless
* Silex SX-NEWAH 802.11ah Module
* Frequency: 902.0 ~ 928.0 MHz

High Precision GNSS/GPS

* u-blox ZED F9P high-precision GNSS receiver
* Centimeter-level (<2cm) Accuracy positioning
* Integrated Multi-Band Real Time Kinematics (RTK)

CAT M1 Cellular & BLE Radio

* u-blox SARA-R410M-02B LTE/CATM1 Cellular Modem & u-blox NINA-B301 Open CPU Bluetooth 5.0
* Low cost, low bandwidth & ideal for reading BLE IoT Sensors

5G / 4G LTE Cellular Recommended Modems

* Explore the Gateworks Wiki for recommended modems
* Information on carrier approval, certification, USB 3.0 & more.

Wi-Fi 6 / Wi-Fi 6E, 802.11ax Recommended Modules

* Explore the Gateworks Wiki for recommended Wi-Fi 6 & 802.11ax Radios, Wi-Fi 7
* Linux Kernel Drivers

Mini-PCIe Expansion Cards


SIM, USB, uSD Expansion Module


USB Expansion Module


IO Expansion Module


Power & USB Expansion Module

GW16140 / GW16141 / GW16147

Mini-PCIe to M.2 Adapter / Cellular Modems


Mini-PCIe to M.2 M-Key Adapter NVME SSDs


Mini-PCIe to M.2 E-Key Adapter WiFi Radios